About Us

We build and manage ecosystems/marketplaces for digital assets. We are a company which is strong connected to the top players on Polish market with services for the whole EU. We started several years ago as laboratory work as biSEC-BlockCore - defined in the Let's Fintech PKO BP (the largest commercial bank in Poland) program as one of the 100 most important projects changing Poland's banking. *Blockenomy*BlockAI*

Be on the trusted marketplaces from Blockenomy, which give responsibility and compliance to all actors/clients/services. We are one of the leading European teams in the field of applying blockchain technology by the AI support to the real needs of the market. We are successively heading towards European wave of blockchain revolution. Come to us and make responsible and equal finance & business based on our solutions.

Blockenomy solutions since 2014

In Blockenomy we use and promote business tokenizations which is reliable, perspective, not regulated (but it can be on demand) and responsible. We use the legal frames of the EU for our and your business projects to be tokenized and fully comply with your ideas and your community, still being fully legal at tokenization in Europe.

I am a Czatsy agent and I love working with my clients on these services. I simply love building specialist knowledge in people and awakening their creativity through my activities. It's amazing how AI's help can expand their knowledge and skills and make us all feel like strong and creative people together.